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The KUNZ TTS Safety Inflation Cage is especially designed for safe inflation of aircraft wheels and can easily withstand tire bursts.

The TTS Safety Inflation Cages are of a unique construction made up of patented air blast refraction frames. Two frames of stretch metal are welded accurately together on top of each other so that the shock wave is reduced to just 10 to 15% of its original power. The air blast refraction frame design also allows the operator to completely inspect the wheel before it is rolled out of the cage.

Different versions for different wheel sizes are available.

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TTS 55/27-AC: 230.6100
TTS 74/37-AC LogMove: 230.7100
TTS 74/37-AC Roll-out: 230.8100
TTS Twin 55/27-AC: 230.6300
TTS Twin 74/37-AC LogMove: 230.7300
TTS Twin 74/37-AC Roll-out: 230.8300

KUNZ TTS is designed by KUNZ.


The KUNZ ATI Automatic Tire Inflator for inflation of aircraft tires up to 24 bar is installed on top or at the side of the TTS Safety Inflation Cage and can be controlled via touch buttons on the front panel.

The final, current and over inflation pressures are shown on the large LCD display at any time. The KUNZ ATI is highly customizable, including operator programmable features such as four preset buttons, “manual” leak test mode and pressure test individualization.

By default, the pressure test always overpressures the tires by 1 bar (14.5 psi), before bleeding the wheel to the preset pressure to avoid tire explosions after the inflation to operational pressure.

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ATI: 230.5000

KUNZ TTS is designed by KUNZ.


The ATI NGtronic® for inflation of aircraft tires up to 24 bar is operated via a touchscreen and can save an unlimited number of programs for different wheel P/Ns.

If two or more ATI NGtronic® are in operation, all units can be connected and controlled via a main unit or a separate Control Panel. The ATI NGtronic® can also be integrated into an existing MES system of the shop.

The ATI NGtronic® can also be equipped with a Barcode or RFID scanner for quick identification and loading of the programs by scanning of the barcode or RFID card.

The label printer can print out labels automatically which are put on the inflated tires after the inflation process. The label includes all important data of the tire like the P/N, S/N, inflation pressure and time and date of the inflation. Custom made prints are available on request.

A Remote Maintenance Module for future updates, troubleshooting or individualisation of the software can be installed.

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ATI NGtronic®: 230.5200

KUNZ TTS is designed by KUNZ.